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Sports guards serve multiple purposes beyond simply safeguarding your teeth. They also provide protection for braces and other fixed dental appliances, such as bridges and dental implants. Moreover, these guards act as a barrier, shielding the inside of your cheeks and lips from potential harm caused by your braces, particularly during unexpected accidents.
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Learn About Sports Guards

Sports guards offer more than just teeth protection; they extend their shield to encompass braces and fixed dental appliances, like bridges and dental implants. Additionally, these guards play a crucial role in safeguarding the inside of your cheeks and lips, shielding them from potential braces-related injuries in case of accidents. Engaging in activities or sports that involve falls, body contact, or flying equipment makes investing in a sports guard a prudent choice. While any sports guard provides some level of protection, nothing surpasses the effectiveness of a guard crafted by your dental team, tailored to fit your mouth and teeth perfectly.

What choices are available?

Stock Sports Guards

There are pre-formed sports guards readily available at sporting goods stores. However, they might not offer the best fit, feeling bulky in your mouth and potentially making breathing and talking challenging. Athletes often get distracted by these ill-fitting guards and may end up taking them out or fiddling with them during the game.

Boil & Bite Sports Guards

You can find these guards in a kit with accompanying instructions. The process involves boiling the blank guard in water and then moulding it to your teeth by biting into the plastic. They are available at sporting goods stores and generally offer a better fit than stock guards. However, this boil-and-bite method might not suit everyone. If you find the boil-and-bite guard uncomfortable, bulky, or obstructive to your breathing and speech, it might be worth considering a custom-made guard instead.

Custom-Made Mouth Guards

Are you shocked that this ranks as our top choice? Well, there’s a good reason for it! Nothing compares to the value of an individualized, custom-made mouthguard. When we create a sports guard for you, expect the best protection and utmost comfort. Even in the unlikely event that it doesn’t fit comfortably, rest assured, we’ll be right here to make any necessary adjustments, and you can hold us accountable.

The Cost Of A Custom Sports Guard In Trenton

The price of a custom sports guard can differ significantly from one patient to another. Under a typical insurance plan, the cost for a mouth guard usually ranges from $100 to $300 or more. Without insurance coverage, the price for a custom mouth guard falls within the range of $150 to $350 and beyond.

    What causes the cost of a custom mouthguard to differ? There are two primary factors:
    • The material used to create your custom mouthguard.
    • Consideration for any ongoing orthodontic treatment you might be undergoing.

Keep in mind that an accurate quote for your dental needs cannot be provided over the phone by any dental practice. Your requirements are as individual as your smile, and it’s crucial to consult with a dentist and undergo an oral examination to explore all your treatment options and receive a precise quote. If you have dental insurance, we would gladly provide you with a quote that you can submit to them, allowing you to determine your out-of-pocket costs before making any decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, guards should be replaced after each sports season. Mouthguards can wear down over time, particularly if the wearer has a habit of chewing or misusing the guard. Additionally, teeth can shift, especially in adolescents, leading to a less precise fit of their existing guard. It’s common for athletes involved in multiple sports to have a new sports guard made during their routine 6-month checkup to ensure optimal protection and comfort.

A custom-fit sports guard should feel comfortable in your mouth, allowing you to breathe and talk effortlessly. If you catch yourself fidgeting with it or removing it during an important game, it’s a sign that it might not be fitting correctly.

No. Mouthguards and nightguards may snugly fit your teeth, but they serve distinct purposes for your teeth and jaw. Sports guards are primarily designed to protect your mouth from impact during physical activities, while night guards are focused on your bite and the alignment of your teeth and jaw during sleep.

We highly encourage you, especially, to wear a sports guard! Not only does it safeguard your teeth, but it also provides protection for your braces, as well as the inside of your lips and cheeks, in case of any impact to your face.

These are various terms for the same device: a protective gear worn over your teeth to prevent injuries or minimize their severity.

A sports guard is essential for any sport or activity that involves potential falls, contact with other players, or exposure to balls or equipment. If you or your child participate in football, hockey, lacrosse, baseball, soccer, field hockey, water polo, cricket, ringette, curling, skateboarding, gymnastics, mountain biking, wrestling, boxing, or any other contact or high-risk sport, it is crucial to consider using a sports guard for protection.

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