Dental porcelain veneers are thin, resin like and custom-made shells of tooth-coloured substance to cover the frontal surface of the desired tooth. We will help you improve your appearance with our service by matching the Porcelain veneers to the colour, shape, size and length of your actual tooth or modify all those features to enhance the esthetics. We will also help you choose the best choice of veneer that will be long lasting and comfortable.

If your teeth are discoloured, Worn down, Chipped or broken, Misaligned or irregularly shaped, Spaced unevenly, We advise you to book an appointment with us to assess your teeth for eligibility. Dr. Rajpara will initially diagnose and plan the treatment. He will then prepare you for bonding which is a process that involves cementing the veneer permanently to your tooth.


Problem with Stained Teeth? Stains, stains, Go Away! Get rid of deep stains for a brighter smile.

Nowadays, this treatment is very simple, easy and affordable and they are now a usual aspect of our client’s beauty routine. You will be happy to know that we have plenty of choices. Services provided by our dentist to grade teeth whitening, produce excellent results in the long run. We make sure to brighten your smile just as much to perfection.

We perform professional teeth whitening treatments. It may only take one visit and this therapy can bleach rooted stains and lighten the overall colour of the teeth. Teeth can start to discolour with age. This also happens from the ingestion of tea, coffee and other deeply stained food. Even smoking can produce tar on your teeth and gums. We ensure to implement the treatments using materials that can give long lasting, durable results.

If you wish to book an appointment with our dentist, contact Dr. Rajpara at Trenton Smiles Dental in Trenton, Ontario.


At Trenton Smiles Dental Center, we like to restore and reconstruct natural shape and shade of your broken/fractured/chipped front teeth with white filling. We can restore the normal function and esthetics to provide the best results using multiple shades of composite resin. Dr. Rajpara and Dr. Patel has a passion to create an artistic buildup of broken front teeth to create same shape and shade as before. Sometimes they may ask you to show some of your previous pictures with a smile on your phone so he can create same structural shape again.

Dr. Rajpara can also add white filling material to reshape a tooth to enhance the look for a better smile if you are not happy with one or two of your rotated front teeth. This procedure is less invasive and quick for a perfect smile.


Demineralization of enamel, cavities after-braces removal or fluorosis usually cause white spots on the teeth. We have an easy NO DRILL and NO NEEDLE solution for it. It is done using liquid resin material. Call us to find out how it works and how we can vitalize your smile again.


Crowding or tipping of the teeth can make you unhappy with your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is a combination of restorative and mechanical dentistry to achieve the best results. Teeth sometimes need to be realigned in the arch and straightening the crowded or rotated teeth is the commonly used modalities. At Trenton Smile Dental we provide Invisalign®, Clear aligners or braces to straighten you teeth to improve your smile. It is a Simple process, and it makes a significant difference in your smile!

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