TMJ Disorder is a very common disorder these days due to stressful lifestyle. There are several factors that cause these problems; grinding your teeth continuously, clenching your jaw, poor posture, arthritis or an injury. It is an issue with your TM joint that links your lower jaw to your skull. You may sense a sharp pain near your ears, have trouble opening your mouth wide open or chewing, jaw or neck pain, feel unusual ringing in the ears.

Think you have it? Dr. Rajpara is here to give answers to your questions & solutions to your problems. He will examine your condition, health history and check your jaw joints for pain or tenderness. Based on the assessments we will recommend minimally invasive treatment options to begin which help and resolve the problem in most cases. Some difficult cases may need a referral to TMJ specialist and we have a list of experienced and qualified specialist to refer you to if needed.

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