When the tooth is decayed, it starts to eat away tooth structure and sometime it reaches the pulp (Blood vessels and nerves) of the tooth and cause pain and sensitivity. In some cases it may also cause infection which may result in swelling and/or pain. Instead of removing a severely damaged, Infected or decayed tooth, root canal treatment makes it possible to retrieve and save your tooth. We advise to save the teeth for our patients where possible so they can retain their natural teeth and restore all the functions. This way patients do not have to think about an expense of replacing an extracted tooth. With our advanced anaesthesia options and technics, we ensure the whole procedure is painless and provide the top quality root canal in Trenton. For this treatment, Dr. Rajpara will walk you through this process in detail and will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the whole process. Dr Rajpara offer Nitrous Oxide Sedation (Laughing Gas) for anxious patients to make this whole process painless. Dr. Rajpara do all sorts of Root canal treatments in the office.

We do 2 week  Follow ups after the Root Canal treatments to check the status of the treated tooth and patient symptoms. We truly care about our patients and their wellbeing and comfort.

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