It is our greatest priority during a virus outbreak to keep our patients and our staff safe. We have always done the best we could to take protective measures, but in a time like this, we have a higher level of safety measures in place. Following all protocols from the RCDSO and Public Health, we assure you that your visit with us will always be safe and comfortable.

Hand sanitizers are available with instructions at the entrance and throughout the office for staff and patients to use anytime.

Patients’ appointments are staggered to limit number of patients in the office at a time to promote social distancing.

Waiting area has limited chairs and are six feet apart to promote physical distancing.

There are signs posted throughout the office to promote hand hygiene and maintain physical distancing.

High contact areas like doorknobs/handles, switches, debit machines, chairs, etc. will be sanitized after each patient.

Sanitization of clinical rooms thoroughly after each patient.

We have installed air purifiers in all clinical rooms and Reception/Waiting area.

The medical grade HEPA filter featured in each Air Purifier eliminates 99.97% of all particles as small as 0.3 microns and 95% of particles 0.1 microns and larger including allergens, odours, chemicals, gases, viruses, and bacteria. Generous amounts of activated carbon remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemical vapours, smoke, and odours. Once filtered, crystal clean air is returned into the confined area.

Patient Screening and Steps during their visit

There are specific protocols designed to maintain the patient flow in the office and to maintain a safe environment constantly.

Patients will be screened prior to booking the appointment and at the time of appointment.

Staff member will take temperature of each patient/parent/caregiver/visitor before entering the office.

Patients will be asked to bring their own masks and keep wearing it until treatment time and after the treatment is done. Masks are also available for patients if they need one.

Upon entry into the clinical room, patients will be asked to rinse their mouth with 1% Hydrogen Peroxide. It reduces the amount of oral micro flora.

Plexiglass Shield

Front desk has been equipped with a plexiglass barrier to promote physical distancing.

Paperless Transactions

We are promoting electronic transactions for paperwork/notes and payments to avoid paper contact.

We have an online system to transfer documents and other information.

To promote social distancing

We have staggered the appointment times for each patient. We will now be seeing fewer patients in the day.

To promote social distancing, we advise patients to come alone to their appointment. Some exceptions are applied if a child is arriving with their parent or guardian, elderly patients need assistance, guide dog needed, etc.

Patient arrival

Posted visual signs at the door entrance advising any patients or visitors with suspected Covid-19 risks not to enter the facility when they are ill.

A stationed table is exhibited outside of the clinic equipped with a tissue box, a hand sanitizer with detailed instructions on how to properly hand rub and then follow the steps.

Supplies are provided throughout the clinic for patients and staff. Hand sanitizers are available upon entry of any doorway and throughout the office.

Patients are immediately asked to sanitize or to wash their hands upon entry.

Asked once more if experiencing any symptoms of a respiratory infection and history of travel or contact with possible COVID-19 patients.

A staff member will take patient’s body temperature with our contact-free hand-held thermometer device. Patients are advised to walk into the clinic with their mask. If patient does not have any mask on hand, they will be provided one. The mask should be worn by the patient at all time during their visit to the clinic and only removed during their procedure.

If fever temperature of 38°C or greater or present any respiratory symptoms they will be asked to seek medical treatment and their appointment will be rescheduled after 14 days. They will be asked to leave immediately, and all rescheduling will be done later by phone when they are well.

Patient departure

After the procedure is done, patients will be asked to put their mask on again and walk towards the reception.

Patients will be advised to perform hand hygiene before leaving the office and will be asked to call the office if they develop any symptoms of Covid-19 in 14 days.

We are doing everything in our power to make your visit at Trenton Smiles Dental Center as safe as we can make it for our patients, our staff, and families. Our team has educated themselves well enough to be confident to start work again. We strive to keep a level of comfort for you to feel protected in a time like this in our clinical environment.